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The company S.M. Global Trade owes its establishment to the desire to fulfill a large variety of local and international needs that have been identified on different markets. The company’s business focuses on trading of jute yarns, wool, plastics, polyester yarns, and also offers logistics and transport solutions. A thorough analysis of the above mentioned fields led to the conclusion that these requirements are not met according to the constantly growing demand which is greater year after year. Being consisted of a young and dynamic team, S.M. Global Trade offers its partners personalized and innovative solutions and an optimal quality/price ratio.


The company’s ability to rapidly adapt to the constantly changing and growing needs of its clients and of the services market in general, led to the signing of contracts with important customers and the providing of consulting at the highest level, for matters of great difficulty or which required the use of new material and technology.


The business segment on which S.M. Global Trade is active is structured on the following directions:

  1. Trading with raw materials for the textile industry (wool, jute, polyester). The acquirement of the goods is made from the markets of Romania, Bangladesh, India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the trading is in majority done in the UK, Italy, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Poland.
  2. Trading with raw materials for plastics industry. The acquirement of the goods is made from the markets of India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Austria and the trading is in majority done in Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia.


S.M. Global Trade is constantly analyzing the national and international market needs and is adapting accordingly, managing to cover all existing requirements through the opening of new business lines.


The success of S.M. Global Trade is due to the values and principles that govern the activity, namely:


  1. Social responsibility

The culture of social responsibility is based on business ethics, respect for our clients, transparency and integrity. The professionalism and the ratio between price and quality makes the relationship with our clients stronger and long-lasting.

  1. Integrity

The company and its employees have an appropriate behavior due to high moral and ethical standards.

3. Responsibility

The company takes responsibility for its actions and always respects its obligations.

4. Transparency

The company and its employees are in constant dialogue which is opened and constructive with its business partners.

  1. Loyal competition

The relationship with our competitors are based on honesty and fairness so that all the branches of the activity assure loyal and equitable competition.

The vision of the company is to achieve excellency in the fields in which it is active and to influence the environment and its partners in positive manner through the establishment of durable and trustworthy commercial relationships.
We activate as entrepreneurs,
We build trust,
We get involved with dedication,
Together we navigate to success!